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Identify Fire Hazards

  • Matches for general use

  • Fixed electrical equipment

  • Moveable electric equipment – freestanding oil  heater

  • Fire Exits are the front door and the back door,the back door is secured with a key and therefore that key should always be left in the door at night time, is increased risk due to the upstairs having a small window and so only fire exit is down the stairs from the sleeping quarters.


Identify People at Risk

  • Adult Guest

  • Child Guests

  • Cleaner – Anne & Agency Cleaner

  • Tradesmen

  • Owners.


Evaluate, remove or reduce and protect from Risk

  • Matches – advice to keep away from children and store them in a high cupboard

  • Equipment is kept maintained by visual checks after each visit and visitors are encouraged to report any faults.

  • Systems are in good working order protected by circuit breakers. and regularly tested

  • Should say in terms and conditions no candles are allowed.

  • Use Fire retardant materials for furnishings, cottages are small so no need for exit signs, a fire extinguisher can be found on the wall in the kitchen, and smoke alarms are found in the kitchen and are linked to the main house–fitted with an alarm to indicate a low battery – these are check at each changeover and before each party arrives – should have a fire extinguisher in the bedroom.

  • Torches are provided and kept in the kitchen drawer & on the key fob.


  • Adults have access to information and equipment as above.

  • Children need to be supervised, biggest risks are stone stairs and stand-alone heaters.

  • Anne is an experienced cleaner and is familiar with the cottage and its equipment, Anne has been asked to raise any concerns.

  • Qualified experienced tradesmen are used

  • Louise & Scott are familiar with all aspects of the cottage and ensure fire risk is kept to a minimum.

A risk assessment was carried out in January 2023 by Louise Charles, using HM Government's “A short guide to making your premises safe from Fire".  Anne was asked if she had any concerns, and to report any findings to Louise on each changeover.



The fire risk assessment is to be reviewed every six months by Louise.  

Copy to be given to Holiday Cottages and Tourist Board at assessment visit. 

Copies are to be left in the cottage and in the general handbook and available to view via the website.

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